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Accelerating the Clean Hydrogen Revolution by Unlocking Project Viability with Ease

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Imagine a world where...


Sustainability is no longer a buzzword, but a way of life. The energy transition has accelerated, revolutionary hydrogen technologies have been deployed at scale. Hard to abate industries have fully decarbonised their operations while remaining competitive, and the world's net zero ambitions have moved from a dream to our living reality.

But the reality today is far from it.

Hard to abate industries struggle to make the shift because of the significant costs associated with adopting clean hydrogen and the inherent chicken-and-egg dilemma.

Despite the promising potential of clean hydrogen, project viability across the board has yet to be fully realised, leaving many developers in limbo. Unlocking subsidies and offtake remain essential to driving viability and maximising project viability is much easier said than done...

This is the problem we exist to solve.

PurePowerHydrogen (PURE) is a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to enabling project developers to maximize project viability with ease.


At PURE, we are committed to building a sustainable future by accelerating the transition to clean hydrogen and we are proud to be at the forefront of this important movement. Join us on our mission to create a cleaner, more sustainable world.

The PURE Proposition to H2 Project Developers

PURE's carbon intensity (CI) monitoring solution automates accurate carbon intensity accounting, according to local GHG emission standards standards and optimises access to subsidies and price premiums with real time, project-specific data - enabling developers to maximise project viability with ease.

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Real-time, accurate monitoring to optimise the CI of your project's hydrogen production - unlock data to make actionable changes to improve project margins

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Easily unlock access to clean hydrogen subsidies & green premiums with accurate accounting of your projects’ CI based on real-time project data, in compliance to local regulations (as required with the US IRA with GREET, EU Delegated Act II)


Attract and secure offtakers by guaranteeing credible and accurate CI measurements for scope 2 & 3 carbon accounting - a competitive edge in securing offtakers looking to avoid hefty carbon taxes and comply with emissions reduction schemes

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